November 22-24:

Parked at Idwal and a long steep slog up the Pen Yr Olywen ridge to the snowy and bitterly cold plateau. Across the plateau to Dafydd, with the sun sometimes reappearing. People wearing crampons were mocked until we had to descend the steep and snowy slope from Llewynn, where we wished we not only had crampons but axes as well.  Descended down to the road by 4pm, but a dilemma whether we would make the AGM as it was 3 miles to the hotel or the car in either direction. Fortunately at that point the problem was solved as Martin fell off the stile and ‘dislocated’ his finger (report from him at home: “Self administered twig splint and tape. Another case of overacting by the Aspirant Secretary”), and a kind lady took pity and gave me a lift to the hotel for the car. On Sunday, minus Martin, we had a delightful ascent of the east ridge of Moel Siabod- long and rocky- a most interesting way up a hill climbed countless times before by different ways.