02/02/17 -  Back to the deer hole. We rigged up a tension line this time, so we could ab straight down the middle of the ~15m deep rift and avoid the loose top. Rob and Ed set to work in the small chamber they’d dug into last time off the bottom of the rift and Sam was on dragtray duty, stacking the spoil at the base of the pitch. I stayed on top and listened to Spotify, which is how I intend to spend every digging trip from now on as it is eminently more pleasant than rolling around in a deer carcass. I’m not sure exactly what was going on down there but it sounded like they were digging into a continuation of the small chamber which eventually got too constricted and a bit grim.  Grim in the sense that after disposing of the deer skeleton, they then had to evict the bony remains of a badger, still complete with fur. Mr Badger was dutifully buried by The Reverend Sam, complete with a badgery prayer to the baby badger Jesus. By 9.30 they’d had enough and started heading back out, the consensus being that we probably won’t return. Rob thought he could possibly feel a slight draught at the very end, but there’s no real obvious way on, not without emptying the whole thing like a mini Eldon Hole. (Sam, Rob, Ed, Mike)