26/01/17 – After checking out the shaft on the west end of White Rake on the Monday we decided to have a look at the collapse in Nickergove which is blocking the level heading pretty much straight for it. We understand the level essentially ends at a forefield inches away from White Rake but there was also a silted tube heading off in the vicinity. With this in mind, we thought we’d check out quite how big the collapse is that is currently blocking the way on. As it turns out, it’s pretty big, but about 30 minutes digging managed to create a void in the roof and it’s certainly do-able but it would be a long-term dig. There’s a huge volume of material to shift and it may even mean reinstating the old railway installed by John Beck & Co. Satisfied we’d had a good look, we headed out, washed up and scuttled off to The Moon. We’ll probably leave this one for someone else. (Rob, Ed, Mike)