23/01/17 - Ian Smith had been in contact about an old shaft on the west side of The Delph which had recently slumped in. The landowner wanted someone to have a look at it with the intention of potentially capping it off, so we took a look on Monday evening. It’s in a really interesting spot, located on White Rake, further west than the sump from the Boil Up has been dived. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes of poking around revealed there’s no signs of any ginging or capping and prodding the long bar at the bottom suggested there’s at least another 2m of soil between the base of the slump and any potential bedrock or shaft. It would have to be a proper dig or digger job to excavate properly which it sounded like the landowner wouldn’t be particularly interested in. The easiest thing for the farmer to do will most likely be to fill it in. (Rob, Ed, Mike, Ian Smith)