14/01/17 - Another trip to JH to check out the stope beyond Butch Pitch. We got changed in a bitterly cold wind after Rob had managed to reverse his van all the way up the snow covered track to Rowter Farm (for some reason T4's being able to reverse in snow but not able to drive in it) and a brisk walk across the fields, down the entrance shaft and up the ropes heading west found us at the top of Butch Pitch. We rigged a 2nd rope off the existing gear and made our way down and across into the stope, not entirely sure if the floor was solid or not. Unfortunately, there were no obvious ways on and a quick dig at ground level didn't really reveal anything promising, but several stemples in the roof hinted that there might be something worth looking at, so we kitted up and started bolting up the north side of the stope. It was reasonable going until meeting the wayboard where things got rather loose and bouldery. The roof comprises several enormous boulders with lots of smaller, looser boulders all jumbled in amongst them. After a bit of dithering, I managed to climb across at the top and just make out a potential way on west, but it didn't look promising and more than likely leads straight back into a load of mud and loose stuff. So with that, I gingerly made my way back across the top of the wayboard and slowly started stripping the climb. About halfway down, quite a few rocks decided to spontaneously flop off the top of the stope and join us, resulting in a bruised shoulder and quite a fat wrist. After that welcome, we decided it was probably best not to hang around and slowly made our way out, Rob now weighed down by the enormous bag of muddy ropes and gear. Got changed, headed off to the hut, and just made it to The Moon in time for food. (Mike, Rob).