29/12/16 - For a while now, Glyn has been persuading us to take a look at some unclimbed stuff in JH West. I hadn't been there since he descended Butch Pitch with Phil for the first time about 2 years ago, and my memory of the place was that it was rather muddy and rather loose. With the two of them (and rest of the TSG guys) generally distracted by Longcliffe these days, after a few emails with Phil explaining where to aim for, we decided to go sometime over Christmas. Rob and I met McBain at Rowter farm just before midday and found the Buttered Badger lot were also descending JH, but with candles to do the through trip. Kitted up, we descended the entrance shaft (which incidentally doesn't have a bolt or padlock anymore?) and made our way up to Shinbone Chamber, the main feature of which is a steep mud slope which is gradually getting steeper and muddier the more you climb up it. At the top of the chamber there are two shafts through solid rock, the one to the west is choked with boulders but the one to the east is open and was the first of the question marks that needed ticking off. After some mild muddy faffing, with me climbing, Rob belaying and McBain trying to stop himself instinctively punching falling rocks, I made it to a solid roof/bedding about 6m off the top of the mud slope. A small hole to the east looks properly choked a short way in, but the hole to the west looked more promising, so I had a quick dig - trundling quite a few large rocks back down the pitch, followed by a lot of loose mud. After a short while I just about managed to squeeze up and get my head over the top of a boulder to see that it continued beyond, but lumbered with the drill and the rest of the kit, I rigged up a rope and headed back down to let the others have a go. McBain headed up next and launched himself into the muddy hole, with quite a bit of grunting he managed to force himself through into a small chamber with stacked deads on one side and a hole in the floor. Rob then followed him up, with me shortly behind, and we slipped down through the hole to find a rift/stope running west towards Butch Pitch. It has a natural roof, seemingly following the same bedding at the top of the shaft, and continues for about 12m before hitting another choke with black space between the boulders. On the way to the end of the rift you walk over the top of boulders choking the other shaft in Shinbone Chamber and after chucking a few rocks around we managed to make a visual connection back down into the chamber. Phil has since suggested that this is the same worked out vein that Butch Pitch is on and that the choke at the end may well link with a similar choke seen in The Attic. We left the pitch rigged and made our way back down to the base of the entrance shaft, now covered head to toe in sticky thick clay/mud. No big breakthroughs, but better than nothing and we'll be back soon to check out the other bits and pieces that need ticking off up there. (McBain, Rob, Mike)