21/02/15 - Rob and I met up with Ed at the Throstles Nest and drove up onto Bradwell moor in the dark. The aim was to find an old mine that one of Rob's colleagues had come across about 6 months before. It's located in one of the quarries up above Bradwell, and without too much searching we found the hand picked entrance. Quarrying activity having obviously intersected the mine some 15m or so beneath the previous ground level. Rob and Ed ventured down, whilst I waited at the top of the initial pitch as a call-out boy. A scaff pole was wedged across the pitch head and Ed headed on down, careful not to disturb the slope leading to it or the stacked deads lining the pitch. Rob followed down and they soon called for another ladder. It sounded like they entered quite a large stope and after descending the second pitch off some dubious bolts they ran out of ladders and had to make their way back up. Sounded interesting, and we'll have to return soon. Would be interesting to find out where it goes. Back to Ed's and an extravagantly fancy meal in Bradders. (Ed, Rob, Mike)