30/10/15 - Had the pleasure of aid climbing up the railway retaining wall in New Mills again, so after that was done we headed out on a  tour of the Peak, stopping off first at Longcliffe. We had the task of carrying 3, 21ft long scaff poles up the hillside to the shaft entrance. I managed one myself with quite a bit of effort, with Glyn and the young apprentice lad struggling with one between the two of them. The third one stayed at the bottom of the hill for some other poor bastard. Took the opportunity to have a look down the shaft (as we had all the rope dangly kit with us). Pretty impressive, and quite a change since I was last there. The shaft top now nicely capped with the first couple of pipes in place. Abbed down to the bottom, past the level which ventures off the side and down to the current digface about 20m-ish from the surface. Looks good! Masses of ropes and pulleys around and plenty of water entering from the vein at the top and disappearing down a hole in the dig at the bottom. Climbed halfway out via the fixed ladders then back onto the ropes for the last section out. This done, we headed to Mark Noble's to look at the dig under his house. Nice landscaped entrance, complete with stone archway and steps leads down to a rocky/muddy series of shelves and down to the current digface and an enticing hole in the floor. Two interesting places, and a nice day at work! (Mike, Glyn)