19/10/14 - TSG Dig. Met Glyn and Phil W about midday to help/support with their JH West dig. Glyn was finally plucking up courage to descend Butch Pitch for the first time. I was there as another eye witness for the inquest. We descended the entrance shaft then headed west along the cartgate, almost immediately to an area which used to be sumped, which they’d dug out - the route then went vertical from there on. We ascended back up the rift/stope to within ~15m of the surface (lots of loose stuff about), and a bit of crawling and muddy thrutching leads you to a tight pitch head leading back down again - down a pitch very similar to Bitch Pitch with the usual hanging death around. Met up with the other two waiting at the head of the undescended part where a gravel/loose slope leads down to a hole in the floor and Glyn then gingerly descended - bolting as he went. Phil followed after about 30mins whilst I waited on top as a call-out boy. Both descended about another 15m and reached the westerly continuation of the cartgate again which unfortunately run in about 20m further west. Glyn then made his careful return up the loose pitch and I headed back out lugging the drill and other kit with me. I’d got quite cold waiting for around an hour at the top and Phil apparently struggled quite a bit getting out the top loose section after it all fell apart on him. They weren’t sure if they’d be going back again any time soon! Made it out around 5, and had to shoot off to the hut to help with the dinner. Interesting trip! (Mike, Glyn, Phil W)