11/11/17 – Only the two of us again for a bit of a last minute trip. Rigged up the entrance pitch with some of the cast-off wind turbine rope and whizzed down with the drill and one very heavy bag full of various cave biggering devices. Through the choke and back up RotV to the base of Vortex 1 and then we split up. Rob was going to check out the hole partway up the pitch and I was heading up to TPV to try and bash and squeeze my way through the bedding. Ascending Vortex 1 speeds things up, avoiding the 3 short pitches and some crawling and I was soon shuffling south along the bedding to the start of the calcited section. I’d rather optimistically hoped that the calcite would just be a thin layer or veneer that would be easily breakable, enabling the clay beneath to be dug out. Unfortunately, it quickly became obvious that the restriction is made up of a whole matrix of calcite, stones and clay all mixed together. This meant it was pretty much impervious to anything I tried to hit it with, prize it up with or jab at it. It would probably need some chemical persuasion to make an impact as it’s just too tight for a drill really, that or someone really skinny - or a toddler. After a frustrating hour, Rob joined up with me, reporting that the parallel hole in Vortex 1 linked back into Balcombe's Way as we suspected it would and after a good ferret around the remainder of the TPV bedding we decided to make our way out. So nothing new, but a few more things ticked off. Rob set off out Titan first with me de-rigging and he volunteered to take the two bags, which included (amongst some rubbish we'd picked up) the drill, 2 batteries, a lump hammer, a crow bar, a chisel, an ice hammer, a trowel and various bolts, hangers and krabs. He was understandably pretty knackered by the time we made it back out. (Rob, Mike)